Jack of all Trades but a Master of None

I’ve always been the kind of person who likes everything, or at least likes to try everything. I’ve never been a picky eater, and I’ve always pretty much eaten everything that’s been put on my plate. I grew up dancing as my primary source of physical activity, but I love yoga, cycling, running and the list goes on. I love getting my hands dirty working on home renovations, but I also love planning events with fancy details. I’m a huge fan of hiking and being in the country, but I also adore the city life and one of my all time favourite travel destinations is New York City. Most people would think that it’s great to be well rounded, and it’s nice to like a lot of different things, however, in my experience it’s proven to be a little challenging at times as well.

As a newcomer to blogging, one of the main tips i’ve come across in terms of finding success with your blog is consistency. Not only is it important to follow a schedule or pattern with your blogs, but it’s also imperative to maintain consistency in your content. Fashion bloggers should remain consistent with their outfit posts while only lightly touching on other areas, travel bloggers should be posting content on various destinations and travel tips, food bloggers should be consistently posting recipes, etc. Essentially, it’s okay to touch on other areas while remaining true to your one central theme, the subject that helped you gain readers in the first place, and that will allow you to continue to find success in your work.

This is where I constantly struggle. I enjoy so many different things, but I wouldn’t classify myself as an expert in any area. A jack of all trades but a master of none in a way to speak. The answer to becoming an expert in one area or at least striving for perfection is passion. Harboring in on the thing that drives you to pursue it further and further.

Among other things, this is what my main goal is for the new year; focusing in on my true passion in hopes of finding success in whatever way it ensues. And by success, I mean fulfillment…achievement is not necessarily measured in the typical ways success is, such as a huge following, or increased finances, but instead it can be measured as an incredible desire to continue to do what drives that passion. This is what I hope to accomplish in this new year, and I have to say, I already feel excited 🙂

Photography by the incredibly talented Liz Bradley

Written by Jessie