It has been quite a while since I’ve posted on the blog. Nearly a year to be honest… and a lot has happened in that time! This time last year, Mike and I were knee deep in our home renovation, and had just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. It was an exciting time for us, and little did we know it was about to get even more exciting.

A few days before Christmas, after taking a home pregnancy test, I found out that Mike and I were expecting our first baby. I stood in our washroom in complete disbelief, tears streaming down my face, completely overcome with happiness that our Christmas wish was coming true. I had always hoped that when the time came, I would be able to surprise Mike with the news in a really creative way…but of course that’s never the way things turn out. I went from deciding to wait until Christmas morning to tell Mike he was going to be a dad for the very first time, to yelling for him right then and there. I ended up blurting out that we were pregnant through my snotty sobs, but seeing the look on his face was totally worth it and will be forever engrained in my mind. He was the happiest guy in the world, and all we could manage to do in that moment was cry happy tears.

My pregnancy was pretty textbook, and luckily very smooth. A few days after my due date, since I hadn’t gone into labour yet, I started reading about inductions and overdue pregnancies. I came across some statistics that mentioned that the average woman goes into labour at 41 weeks and 1 day, and coincidentally, that’s exactly when I did.

It was Saturday, September 2nd and Mike and I had decided to go out for breakfast at a little restaurant in a small town close by. We enjoyed a quiet breakfast, just us two, and then headed to a beautiful trail to walk our meatball. Little did we know, this was our last day as a family of two (plus Emma of course!). Later that evening, after a family barbecue, my contractions started. A few hours later Mike and I headed to the hospital. Upon arriving at the maternity triage my water broke, and just like that, our biggest adventure to date had begun. After nearly 24 hours, boatloads of happy tears and a lot of laughs later, our special little lady was finally here. We named her Mia Rose Cartwright Sousa, and we were head over heels in love with every inch of her.

41 weeks and 1 day. I took this right before Mike and I left for breakfast on the day I went into labour.

First few moments with our little lady

Mike and I in the triage right before they moved us to our delivery room

Happiest new dad on the block

All packed and ready to go home!

Little Mia Muffin all bundled up

Mia is now just over one month old, and growing bigger by the minute. Mike and I are slowly finding our way in our new role as parents, and although it hasn’t been all smooth sailing, we are beyond happy and grateful to have this opportunity.

We unfortunately had a short stay in CHEO when Mia was 10 days old. She has an allergy, but is totally fine 🙂 This was her all cozied up in our hospital room.

Cute little September baby

Mia and Emma

Happy about her daddy cuddles

My little one month old

If ever there was a time to think about what we are thankful for, now would be it. Our family has grown, and our hearts are more full than we could ever have imagined.

Click here for a sneak peek of our family photoshoot with the incredibly talented Liz Bradley of Elizabeth and Jane Photography!

Written by Jessie