Weekenders: Living on Island Time

If you’ve ever visited the Thousand Islands, you’d know it’s an absolutely breathtaking place. The impressively huge St. Lawrence River littered with islands of all sizes is surely a site to see. About ten years ago now my parents bought a piece of land on Howe Island. Howe Island is one of the larger masses, accessible by two ferries, straight across from Wolfe Island, which is the largest of all the islands in the area. It is very quiet with just over 500 year round residents, but in the summer months it is a HUGE hot spot for locals, and tourists looking to enjoy the sparkling open waters. My parents are absolutely in love with their little slice of paradise that, in my opinion, boasts the most beautiful view in the area. They started out building their deck/dock and boat slip, and eventually built their gorgeous house. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but they did it, and it’s absolutely amazing.

So when faced with the mid-winter blues, and the province of Ontario so kindly gives you a long weekend in February, you take it and run to a place that brings a smile to your face, and for our family, it’s the island. Mike, Kayla and I packed up the car Friday after work and made the very stormy drive to Kingston to pick up Yanik, Kayla’s boyfriend, who trained in from Toronto. The four of us (and Emma!) made our way to Howe Island from there, totally ready to start our long weekend. We woke up Saturday morning to the most gorgeous view over the water. It was so cold that there was a thick rolling cloud over the St. Lawrence, and the blazing sun made absolutely everything sparkle. Before the crew woke up, I ran down to the dock to grab a few photos before heading back to the house to start brunch. There is literally nothing better than a good coffee and a view; we were all in heavenly relaxation mode.

My parents showed up just after lunch, and once they arrived we grabbed our warmest snow gear to hit the trails. It was freezing (-40 degrees Celsius), but we were dressed so well that we all managed to work up a sweat on our 5km hike around the island. My dad was thrilled to give everyone the tour of the Howe Island trails. The rest of the weekend was filled with lounging, binge watching some of our favourite TV series’, playing scattegories, and an awesome pancake and mimosa Valentine’s Day brunch. It was a great weekend, and I can’t wait to make our way to Howe Island again soon…hopefully when the weather is a little warmer, and we can make good use of that epic dock!

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Later friends!

J xo

Written by Jessie